G Herbo Declares Himself ‘The Best Rapper Alive’

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While everyone has their own take on who is the best rapper alive, G Herbo has entered the conversation and believes he deserves that title.

On Thursday (March 16) night, the Chicago native took to his Instagram Story to claim that he’s the best rapper alive. “I really feel like I’m the best rapper alive, [no bulls**t],” he wrote.

During an interview with XXL in the beginning of the year, the “High Speed” rapper spoke to the media outlet about how leaving the streets helped him pursue his destiny as a rapper. “I disassociated myself with the streets and with the outside world,” G Herbo explained. “I wasn’t engaged with nothing other than chasing my dreams. I believe in God, so when I have those moments where I feel chills or I have those deep thoughts, my calling, my destiny. I believe in that type of stuff. I wanted to focus on solely being a rapper. I took a flying leap of faith and I really did it.”