G Herbo’s Girlfriend Taina Williams Addresses Rumors That She’s Pregnant Again

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Social media users are speculating that G Herbo and his lady, Taina Williams may be expecting their third child together.

Williams shared a series of pictures on Instagram posing in a metallic gold outfit. “Here’s something for your feed,” she captions the post.

The fans flooded the comments,”pregnant again is crazy but indeed fine asf,” one person wrote. “I am not pregnant lol,” she replied.

We previously reported while on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Herb expresses how special Taina is to him. “I ain’t go lie, to be honest, I feel like, I really feel like opposites attract in a way,” he told the Million Dollaz Worth of Game hosts.

“… [William’s] just pure, through and through. You know what I’m sayin’? She not afraid to like, express her feelings, tell me how she feel about stuff. Even when it’s like, I don’t understand it all the time, she’ll tell me something where I feel like she kinda like, dissin’ me a little bit. But she really ain’t, she tellin’ me something that really build me. She really makes me feel like a man, like complete,” he added.

“I’m at comfort when I’m at the crib. She take care of home. If I ain’t have no girl, bro, I’d be really livin’ like, crazy. I probably wouldn’t have no furniture at my crib.”