Iggy Azalea Drops Twerk Video + Responds To Critics Who Talk About Her Dancing: ‘Your Man 100% Wants To F*** Me’

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Iggy Azalea is speaking out…

The Australian rapper clapped back at a Twitter user who had a comment about her twerking. The online user chimed in on a video of Iggy Twerking and said, “Iggy really be tossing that big mother f*cker.” 

Take a look:

Iggy responded, “It’s a good thing I genuinely feel happy about myself and my body because ya stay in every comment section talking the most sh*t about me, and it’s very mean-spirited and ugly.” Iggy ended the message by saying, “p.s your man 100% wants to f*ck me.”

Fans have mixed feelings because some feel people weren’t trying to bring Iggy down. One person said, “sis, that was a compliment; you look good! Shiiii, I couldn’t do that with instructions.” Supa Cent said, “what did I read? Cuz that’s how we complement women.” Reality star Masika chimed in and said, “Iggy, that’s a compliment in black.” 

Multiple fans also let Iggy know that it was a compliment. One fan wrote an interesting comment and said, “she [doesn’t] even know our lingo or culture enough to know that was a compliment. Lawd we just let everyone play in hip hop. Exhausting.” 

Via Twitter, Iggy responded in her comment section. But didn’t address a specific comment. Take a look: