India Royale Responds To Rumors That Lil Durk Got Another Woman Pregnant 

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Are one of hip hop’s favorite couples over? 

Seems so!

Lil Durk’s former fiancé, India Royale, responded to a rumor online about Durk getting another woman pregnant. The Twitter user said, “”Lil durk had a baby on India omggg that’s why he can’t get her back… I’m so lateeee like wth.” 

Another online user said, “Lil durk is the worst kind of nigga. Bc this man clearly loves India and has made his love for her apart of his brand….just for him to be cheating on her the whole time AND allegedly had a baby on her??? SICK.”

India made a general Tweet and wrote, “He did not have a baby on me. I wish y’all stop saying that.” Take a look:

India isn’t interested in being with Durk at the moment. He wished her a Happy Valentine’s Day, and she replied, “let it go.” Take a look:

Twitter users chimed in. One person wrote, “You gotta respect a women like India Royale. Mamas is not with NOTHING. When a women is tired she is TIRED! The time, the gifts, the money.. don’t mean a thing.” Someone else said, 

“Some b*tches just don’t play that getting “embarrassed “by a nigga & going right back to him shyt! – INDIA ROYALE.” Another person saluted India for being a real one. The person Tweeted, 

“I’m not gon hold you. I’ve always loved me some India Royale and for reasons like she’s so beautiful and so unproblematic 😌 but to see how STRONG she is in comparison to these other industry BMs is beautiful to see. Talk about KNOW your worth.”

Durk and India started dating in 2017. They have a four-year-old together. In 2021, Durk proposed to India. They broke up last year.

Wishing everyone the best!