Ja Rule Responds To Fat Joe’s Remarks About Drink Champs Interview

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Fat Joe is disappointed in Ja Rule.

We recently reported on Irv Gotti’s visit to N.O.R.E’s Drink Champs where he divulged his relationship with Ashanti. The record executive revealed that he was upset to learn that Ashanti dated Nelly while he was married. Gotti also shared unkind words to describe the singer.

Fat Joe took to Instagram to sound off about the explosive interview.


“Whatever Irv has with Ashanti is 20 years old. I know he was making points that mean a lot to him, but when you keep ranting about somebody, 20 years later, that means he’s not over the young lady”.

He did commend the producer while expressing his disapproval. “Irv Gotti did discover her. He did shoot the videos. He signed DMX. He signed Jay Z. The man is a genius, there is no question about that. But he made himself look crazy.”

The “What’s Luv” rapper also shared his thoughts on Ja Rule’s seemingly passiveness during the interview.

“It’s one thing if its on the documentary, but to go to Drink Champs, and to keep calling her a b*tch and disrespecting her…I’m not the brother to stand up for Ashanti. Ja Rule is standing right there”.

Ja Rule caught wind of Fat Joe’s remarks.

“STOP saying I didn’t defend sis and all women when I clearly told Gotti stop calling Ashanti/women the B word same way I told Joe at Verzuz. Watch the interview before you talk sh*t. NOW LEAVE ME TF OUT THESE GROWN FOLK BUSINESS”

Twitter users shared their thoughts about Fat Joe’s commentary:


Irv Gotti mentioned in the Drink Champs interview that he discovered Nelly and Ashanti were dating while watching an NBA game. “You wanna hear how I found out?” Irv continued. “I was at home. NBA package, I like watching sports. ‘Oh my God, what’s this commotion going on in the stadium?’” The sports announcer declared that the commotion in the stadium was caused by Nelly and Ashanti walking in together.

Nelly joked about Irv Gotti’s comments while co-headling the My 2000s Playlist Tour. During the Aug 5th, Oakland, CA tour stop, Nelly appeared to have addressed Gotti’s comments on the podcast. Ashanti and Nelly gave a playful performance to their 2008 song “Body on Me”. Before exiting the stage, Nelly took a jab at Gotti. “Ayo, I got floor seats to the next game, what’s happening?” he asks while Ashanti is walking off the stage. The R&B singer acknowledged the joke by laughing.