JT Defends Lil Uzi After He Gets A Belly Button Piercing: ‘He A Black Rockstar’

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JT responds to backlash Lil Uzi faced after showing off his belly button piercing.

This isn’t the first time Uzi has made headlines for his piercings. He previously set the internet on fire after getting a million-dollar pink diamond implanted into the middle of his forehead. Now the rapper rocking a stomach piercing.


Uzi’s girlfriend, JT, jumped online to defend him. She says, “everytime MY n#### do something he want to do y’all act amazed,” she began. “That’s BEEN his aesthetic before me. She added, “But let me tell y’all something he a black rockstar that does what he wants!” 

“Y’all think the way ppl dress & how they express themselves is what defines them sexually and that’s y’all problem now because it’s men who out here masculine as hell dress apart & can’t wait to get from round y’all to suck d*ck for amiris & I mean NO disrespect!” 

JT continued, saying she and Lil Uzi “have two different audiences so nothing bother me more then when he doing what he want y’all Tag me & say “THIS YOUR MAN”…yes hoe that’s MY man. MY good man, MY rich man, MY respectful man, MY lit man, MY successful black rockstar” 

It’s safe to say the City Girl loves her man for simply being himself. “Last last, I have my own money. S###. I’m with him because I want to be.  he’s the best man ever better than alllll y’all n##### …let’s argue ”