Judge Denies More Delays In DaBaby Assault Trial

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A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has declined DaBaby‘s attorney’s proposed plea for delay of trial this week in the rap star’s ongoing assault lawsuit

Court documents report that the “SUGE” rapper requested to postpone the scheduled trial date from September 3, 2024, to November 5 due to scheduling conflicts and/or medical issues.

Granted multiple extensions prior, the judge could not be convinced additional delays were necessary. Therefore, the motion was denied

“Because there is no actual conflict yet,” said the judge. 

Court documents further report that the decision to deny DaBaby’s motion was due to lack of information regarding medical issues. It reads:

“Nor will the court consider counsel’s medical issues as an additional ground to continue the trial, as counsel chose to leave that information out of the moving papers and still has other trials scheduled out-of-state at the same time. If counsel discuss the medical issue and reach a stipulation on that basis, the court would entertain that stipulation. But that is an issue for another day,” the order read.

The judge continued: “Potential scheduling conflicts with events that are four or five months away remain just that: potential. If this court only scheduled trials when it was sure that all counsel and witnesses would be available, no case would ever be tried.”

DaBaby and his associates rented a home in LA from Gary Pagar in 2020, which led to a civil case. 

DaBaby had over 40 people at home for a music video shoot, which violated his agreement with the house’s owner, who only allowed him to have 12 guests. The owner drove over to confront the rapper.

Pagar said guests attacked him, called him names, and spit on him. He claimed DaBaby chased him home. He claimed DaBaby punched him in the face, and he lost multiple teeth.

As a result of the incident, DaBaby was charged with felony battery. Consequently, DaBaby claimed he would invoke the fifth if forced to testify.

The trial date is set for September 3, 2024.

DaBaby is also being pursued by another lawsuit involving DaniLeigh’s brother from a 2022 altercation.