Just SICK: A Hilton Employee Filmed a Hotel Guest in the Shower & Then Tried to Extort Her [VIDEO]

Hotel shower

Photo credit – Stockfour/Shutterstock


Now, this is a total Invasion Of Privacy and we’re not talking about Cardi B.

A Chicago woman who wishes to remain nameless is filling a lawsuit against Hilton hotel. The woman claims that one of their employees filmed her while in the shower without her knowledge. Reported on USA Today, the worker filmed the hotel guest back in 2015 but she didn’t find out that the tapes existed until September of this year.

She received an email demanding that she provide more nude photos if she didn’t want the video of her in the shower getting out. Her initial reaction was that she thought she was going to be “ruined.”

When she didn’t obey the email’s order, the video was sent to some of her colleagues. The person was now demanding $2000 upfront and $1000 a month for a year! He even reposted the video online several times with her full name in it. 

The woman is suing Hilton Worldwide for $100 million. The hotel company says they were completely unaware that this was happening and that they recently went under a full renovation.

Check out the video of her talking about her HORRIFIC hotel experience: