Kali Uchis On Her Journey, Tyler, The Creator, & The N-Word [VIDEO]

Kali Uchis on Hot 97 Ebro in the Morning

Artist Kali Uchis stepped up to Ebro in the Morning and was ready to have some real talk with Rosenberg and Laura Stylez.

She discussed her journey from being born in Colombia, to making the decision to want to pursue her dreams as a singer. Uchis was also very candid about giving back to her home country, and being able to use some of the produts that are sent to her to help others.

Uchis also discussed her experience working with Snoop Dogg and Tyler, the Creator, and how those experiences helped her grow as not only an artist, but a person as well.

Before leaving, they got into an in-depth conversation about who should and should not use the N-word after having a debate with her brother over the use of the word.

Check out the full interview below, and look out for her upcoming tour to be released soon.