Kehlani Shares Sexy New Photo As A Response To Pregnancy Rumors

(Photo by Natt Lim/Getty Images for Coachella)

Fans speculate that Kehlani may be expecting a new bundle of joy after one of her most recent Tweets.

The singer took to Twitter to let fans know that she hasn’t had a drink in 9 months. Many fans speculate that she may be with-child, but she quickly shut that narrative down. “I ain’t drank in 9 months,” Kehlani says. Lehumo responds, “Is it safe to say wen are you giving birth..” with four heart eye emojis.

Kehlani shared a photo in response to the question, showing off her super toned body and flat stomach. “Lmfao he math ain’t mathing huh” she says.

Kehlani gave birth to her baby girl, Adeya Nomi, two years ago.