Kiely Williams Of 3LW Admits To Sexual ‘Entanglement’ w/ Three B2K Members At The Same Time 

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Kiely Williams is keeping it real with fans.

The former 3LW member and Cheetah Girl shared spicy information while virtual chatting with TV producer Carlos King. During the interview, Kiely was asked if she ever dated Ray B of B2K.

Kiely replied, “I wouldn’t give [it] that definition.” She went on to say:

“I think I said entanglement. With all of them except for Omari,” (Omarion). Then she said,

“I’m grown. I can admit it. Everybody has their h** days. Let them have ’em. We can look back on them days when we’re older and be like ‘yeah I was out there thot thot thottin.’”

Carlos reasked the question again for clarity and said, “So wait, Kiely, Fizz, J Boog, Raz B, at the same d*mn time?” She replied:

Only one time. That’s totally a one-time thing.”