Lala Anthony Breaks The Internet Channeling A Carnival Goddess In A Bikini 

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It’s Halloween! 

Beloved celebrity Lala Anthony broke the internet with her costume.

Lala had “never been to Carnival,” so she brought the festivities to her this year. The TV host/actress dressed up as a masquerader for the West Indian tradition known as Carnival or Mass. Lala went all out, sporting a bedazzled lilac bikini paired with large feathers in the back. 

In the caption, the Power actress said, “Never been to Carnival, so I brought Carnival to me. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.” Take a look:

Celebrities showered her with love. Chloe Bailey said, “ATE,” Ciara wrote, “WOW WOW WOW Killed It!,” and Lala’s bestie, Kim, said, “my inspo next year.” Lala’s son, Kiyanne showed his mama bear some love and commented, “I see how you coming.” 

Other online users felt Lala was disrespecting West Indian culture. One person said, “our culture is not a costume.”

The celebration of Carnival originated during slavery when the slaves, who were banned from attending their masters’ fancy parties, would improvise by staging their own costumed event in their quarters. Carnival is typically celebrated around Lent season, and it’s also a way to celebrate before having to fast. 

Lala let fans know in the comment section that she’ll be going to Carnival next season, so we may see her in another beautiful costume. She recently opened up about her dating life and revealed, as a woman in her 40’s, she’s attracting men in their 20’s. Due to the age gap, she hasn’t found anything serious, but she’s open to trying new things. 

During the conversation, Lala also said she wouldn’t date a basketball player again. However, she’s open to dating athletes.