Lamar Odom Opens Up About Using Prosthetic Penis To Pass Drug Test

OCTOBER 21: Former NBA Player Lamar Odom attends the 2017 Maxim Halloween party at Los Angeles Center Studios on October 21

photo credit:  Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

Lamar Odom admits to using a prosthetic penis to pass a drug test he had to take for the 2004 Olympics.  Odom is set to release a new memoir titled, Darkness to Light, which will serve as a “tell-all” book.

In an excerpt of the book, obtained by People magazine, Odom states, “[…&#93 the joy of being named to the twelve-man roster quickly turned to anxiety when Olympic officials informed me that I would have to pass a drug test before officially joining the team,” Odom said. “One of the biggest honors in my career.” The athlete explained how he received a, “call from USA Basketball that a drug tester would be coming to my house in a few days to administer the screening […] There was absolutely no way I was going to pass. I’d been smoking weed every day that summer. Panic set in.”

The athlete also admitted to getting help from his trainer, “to urinate into the reservoir of the phallus, which was hidden in the balls”

He continued, “We started Googling’ ‘fake penises’ and studied different ways to beat a drug test.  After an exhaustive search we ordered a giant, rubber, black cock to arrive the next day.”

“I unzipped my pants and carefully slid the fake penis through the zipper hole. To get the pee to come out of the tip, I had to squeeze the shaft repeatedly…”

He also spoke freely about his relationship with ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, and how he was unfaithful during the relationship. “I was shocked and embarrassed,” Odom said. “I wanted to take it back, but you can’t. [I&#93 wanted to hide it. But that sick sin was hard for me to hide…I had a problem. [I&#93 ran out of porn to watch! That’s how you know when you are going a little overboard.”

The memoir will be out on May 28th!