Lil Baby Gives Crew $10K Each After Winning $1M

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Yes Indeed, you read that right. 

Lil Baby, a major hustler with a big heart, recently won the big bucks at a Las Vegas Casino. 

The rapper reportedly made a single bet at the Sin City Las Vegas casino that won him the incredible amount of $1,000,000. Over the weekend (August 28), the “Yes Indeed” rapper was filmed winning the single cash prize. 

Confirming the win, the Atlanta-native rapper wrote in a recent Twitter post “They know I won $ but what they don’t know is I ain’t out here balling I’m investing!!”

Lil Baby’s Tweet

Lil Baby then generously shared the prize with ten people from his team, giving out $10,000 each. According to an Instagram story screenshotted by HipHopD DX, one of Lil Baby’s 4PF associates wrote: “Wham win a mili on dice that boy nun nice. Wham just tweaked out.” The same IG user posted another story, but this time featuring a. wad full of cash. $100 dollar bills to be exact. The user wrote, “and then give all the bros a 10… Realest n– alive!”

HipHop DX Tweet

Perhaps this good karma came back to Lil Baby after celebrating James Harden’s 33rd birthday. The rapper graciously gave the NBA superstar a designer suitcase filled with $250,000 earlier this month. His generosity can also be seen on camera.

Lil Baby’s kind heart and hustler mentality are also portrayed in his new documentary, Untrapped. The newly released Amazon Prime Video gained a lot of traction and support from his fans. The documentary follows the highs, lows, wins, and losses of the Atlanta rapper’s career.

Above all, the beloved rapper is teaching many of us important lessons in life. Do good, be good, and have good come and bless you in the future. If you had a million dollars to share, who would you give it to?