Lil Kim Calls Out Media Outlets: ‘Put Some Respect On My Name’

Rapper Lil Kim seen backstage during the 2019 ESSENCE Festival at Louisiana Superdome on July 06

photo credit: Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Go awf! The Queen Bee rapper Lil Kim took to Instagram to let fans know why she won’t be doing press anymore.

Lil Kim was supposed to appear on the Today Show as well as Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, but pulled out of both appearances. The rapper states in an Instagram video, she wants media outlets to basically respect her legacy. “If y’all don’t see me doing press, if y’all don’t see me doing certain things, it’s ’cause I’m fighting,” she said. “I’m f**king fighting. I’m not f**king just about to have motherf**kers not put respect on my name. So don’t act stupid. Don’t start asking all these dumb questions.”

Although she didn’t specifically name which outlets she was addressing, she did say two “major”  outlets wanted to be “messy,” causing her to have this reaction. She continued, “At this point, it’s about me,” she states. “I’m that b**ch, nothing else. I refuse to f**king keep doing all of these interviews, publications, and all of that shit if motherf**kers is not gonna respect who I am, what I’ve done, where I’m at now. Put some f**king respect on my name. Period.”

Whew chile! Hopefully this doesn’t delay Kim’s album any further, as it was supposed to be released in May.

See the video below.