Lil Yachty Drops Remix Of McDonald’s Iconic ‘Menu Song’

Lil Yachty Drops Remix Of McDonald's Iconic 'Menu Song'
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Lil Yachty‘s journey has seen him evolve from his teenage days working at McDonald’s in Atlanta to becoming a star who now puts his unique spin on the iconic McDonald’s “Menu Song” from the late ’80s.

In the ad, which debuted on TikTok, the “A Cold Sunday” rapper can be seen flexing his rap chops in a whimsical scene straight out of a dream. The video begins with Lil Yachty placing his order at McDonald’s counter amid a sea of clones. The camera captures the artist perched atop a larger-than-life ice cube, exuding coolness as he serves up a piping hot apple pie.

The scene transitions seamlessly into a golden brick road, reminiscent of the iconic yellow brick road from The Wizard of Oz, taking us on a lyrical journey through even more fantastical settings.

“Going from working at a McDonald’s in Atlanta to collaborating on the ‘Remix Menu Song’ with McDonald’s Canada is a wild full circle moment that brought back memories and is such a reminder that anything in life can happen,” said Lil Boat in a statement, reports Billboard.

“We hope these new takes on the McDonald’s Menu Song, brought to life by Lil Yachty and Mike Clay, will evoke the excitement Canadians felt for McDonald’s the first time they heard the song, and look forward to introducing it to a new generation of fans,” added Alyssa Buetikofer, McDonald’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Running until April 29th, the promotion offers customers across Canada the opportunity to indulge in an array of limited edition menu items. From the savory Chicken Cheeseburger to the delectable Surf ‘N Turf Burger, and from the zesty Sweet Chilli Junior Chicken to the irresistible Apple Pie McFlurry, there’s something to tantalize every taste bud.

Check out the ad below: