Suspect Allegedly Responsible For Murdering TakeOff Arrested

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A man by the name of Patrick Xavier Clark has been arrested for the murder of TakeOff, according to TMZ.

Reports claim that Takeoff was not armed and was an innocent bystander who was hit by gunfire. We previously reported TakeOff, 1/3 of The Migos has passed away on November 1st. The newfound duo known as Unc and Phew- AKA TakeOff and Quavo, were at a Houston bowling alley at the time of the rappers passing.

According to Houston Police Department Lt. Salazar, 40 to 50 people were at the scene at the time. When they arrived, they saw a Takeoff – with a gunshot wound to the head. Takeoff was pronounced dead at the scene.

Quavo, who was with his nephew at the time, spoke out via Instagram and shared a heartfelt message following his passing. “Dear Take, it’s so hard to tell you ima miss you because you always with me and we did everything together. Since we were kids you been by my side.” He says.

“You never competed with me, we were always on the same team. You hated playing against me because I was always playing too hard or too ruff then I can hear my mama say ‘sonn not too ruff’ cuz I didn’t like to lose!”

Read the full statement below. Rest in peace, TakeOff.