Mase Responds After Diddy Says He Doesn’t Owe Him Any Money

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Mase has some words for Diddy.

During a recent interview, Diddy Love addressed the controversial topic of reportedly owning his former artist lots of money.

Diddy denies the allegations and says he has never taken anything illegal from his artists- including Mase. “I have all my receipts, and so we are gonna do a special,” he explains. “A retrospective with all the artists and we’re gonna get this narrative cleared. Just in general, you know, the Mase thing, I did one album with Mase! One album! How much money do you think I owe this guy. One album? And then he became a fake pastor? And went and conned people? And then y’all gon’ let him throw dirt on the god’s name?”

Ma$e caugth wind of the comments and responded via Instagram. He shares a video and states, “How dare this n***a talking about he want receipts,” Mase began the video. “Let’s start with your mother, n***a. Your mother got the receipts, n***a. Everything is in your mother’s name. That’s the one who’s got the receipts, n***a.”

He continued: “You need more proof, n***a? Big ain’t here so Big can’t give you no receipts, he dead. Craig Mack can’t give you receipts, he dead. What are you talking about? Who else? Black Rob can’t give you receipts, he dead.”

“And everybody else you made sign paperwork so they can’t talk about what I’m talking about,” he added. “I’m the only one with the guts! I’m not signing, n***a, ’cause I don’t need the money. All money ain’t good money — remember that.”

Take a look below.