Meagan Good’s See-Through Dress Breaks The Internet + Holds Hands w/ Jonathan Majors At Court 

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Meagan Good is living her best life.

The Harlem actress went viral over the weekend, sporting a very risqué, but classy look. Meagan wore a short red sheer/see-through type dress. You could see a silhouette of her toned abs and her two piece underneath. 

Meagan was shooting for a magazine and had a variety of looks. Check it out: 

Online users went crazy in her comment section. One person said, “my sis face card never declines,” someone else said, “she’s giving me Halle Berry vibes and it’s amazing.” 

In other news, Meagan was by Jonathan Majors side today (June 20) as he deals with his legal case. Take a look:

In March, Jonathan was arrested on charges of strangulation, assault, and harassment. His girlfriend at the time accused him of pulling her finger, twisting her arm behind her back, struck and cut her ear. The alleged victim was treated at a hospital for minor head and neck injuries.

Jonathan’s attorney, Priya Chaudhry, said during court today, she’ll give prosecutors a video with evidence showing the female accuser attacked her client, not the other way around. The woman has not been named in court records, AP reports. His trial will begin on August 3. 

It looks like Meagan and Jonathan could be Hollywood’s newest couple. Neither of them confirmed or denied the rumors, but they’ve been spotted out multiple times. Once on a date to Red Lobster, and they were recently spotted in Morocco

Meagan’s ex husband, DeVon Franklin, recently spoke on how he feels about her new rumored boo. DeVon said, “if she’s happy, thats a blessing.” He admitted he cries himself to sleep over the divorce. 

Hopefully, everyone heals and lives a fulfilled life.