Megan Thee Stallion & Big Sean Hit With Lawsuit Over ‘Go Crazy’

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Two songwriters accuse Megan Thee Stallion and Big Sean of ripping off one of their songs.

As reported on Radar Online, Duawn Payne and Harrell James filed a federal suit against the two artists, plus Universal Music and 1501 Certified Entertainment. 

The two songwriters claim Megan’s 2020 “Go Crazy” featuring Big Sean is similar to their 2012 song “Krazy.” The outlet reports Duawn and Harrell go by the stage names “Go Hard Major,” and “H Matic” and they posted the song on a platform called ReverbNation. In addition, at the time, they said they passed out CDs in Detroit and performed the song at different clubs. 

In the suit, the two said they authored the song Krazy in 2012. The song was posted on the platform ReverbNation. The duo said they sold thousands of CDs of the single around Detroit and performed it in various clubs. The court document alleges Big Sean “knew” about the duo’s song since he’s from Detroit and would allegedly visit the spots they performed at. The suit reads:

“The sale of thousands of physical copies of CDs featuring the Copyrighted Work on the streets of West Detroit and the parking lots of hip hop clubs in West Detroit frequented by [Big Sean] provide further access of the Copyrighted Work to Defendants.”

They claim Megan’s version is “strikingly similar” and “the wording of the chorus for the two songs are nearly identical.” They also said the “timing along with the melodic sequence are also identical.” 

In March, Duawn and Harrell sent the defendants a cease and desist for the alleged infringement. The songwriters claim their notices have been disregarded. 

It’s not clear how much money Duawn and Harrell are seeking. We’ll keep you updated as details become available.