Megan Thee Stallion Responds To The Rock Saying He Wants To Be Her Pet

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Megan Thee Stallion is “honored” after The Rock says he would be her “pet.”

While on a promo run for her new album, Traumazine, Megan was asked how she felt after she heard that Mr. Johnson AKA The Rock wouldn’t mind being her pet. “I mean, that’s kind of legendary,” Megan expressed. “Like, I’m kind of epic. I used to watch wrestling all the time.”

She added, “Being from Houston and watching The Rock and how famous he is, how much of a mega-star he is and he wanna be my pet? Like, period. Like, we made it. We might be a little famous.”

Now although Meg thought the comments were legendary- her boyfriend, Pardi, not so much. Following The Rock’s comments, Pardi jumped online with a clap back of his own. “All Our dogs is named after #s… Just teach ya wife how to use seasoning… You’ll be iight… Moana is the sh*t tho,” Fontaine wrote in a since-deleted Instagram comment.

After receiving a bit of backlash online, he expressed that he was simply joking, and his comments were taken out of context. “The comment started all our dogs #s and ended with Moana is my shit..I deleted it (yesterday).. cus it seem like ppl took it wrong .. thought maybe my joke was in poor taste,” he said on Twitter.