Mexican Nurse Dies After Performing Liposuction On Herself

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A 30-year-old nurse has died after allegedly attempting to perform liposuction on herself at a clinic in south-central Mexico.

According to an article published yesterday (March 29) by the New York Post, the Victim, who identified as Carina, was found unconscious by a fellow employee. She reportedly gave herself anesthesia before attempting the cosmetic procedure on her stomach, despite not having any training in administering the medicine.

Carina’s official cause of death was ruled as cardiorespiratory arrest, which is the sudden loss of breathing and heart function. Dr. Rolando Samper Mendoza, the owner of the clinic, said the she performed the operation “without my authorization or permission.” He continued, “One of my nurses named Carina… decided on her own to perform abdominal liposuction with local anesthetic… The result of this incomprehensible action was that she died as a result of the massive absorption of anesthetic that she administered herself.”