Mike Tyson Nearly Knocked His Trainer’s Head Off During Practice

Mike Tyson attends Comedy Central's Roast of Charlie Sheen at Sony Studios on September 10
Mike Tyson attends Comedy Central’s Roast of Charlie Sheen at Sony Studios on September 10

Mike Tyson is in great shape, according to a recent video of him training.

In the video, iron Mike is boxing with his trainer, Rafael Cordeiro. Mike is throwing his hands as Rafael blocks the punches. Toward the end, Mike was inches away from knocking Rafael down to the ground, take a look:

Mike seems to be ready for his upcoming match against another boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr. It was originally scheduled for September 12 but got pushed back to November 28. The company behind the event, Triller, said the change happened to accommodate a larger than expected audience. The Jasmine Brand reports the match will be an 8-round exhibition called “Frontline Battle, available on Pay-per-view and Triller. 

Roy Jones Jr. recently told Sky Sports he wondered if fighting Mike is the right choice and thinks it could be a “mistake.”

“He’s still Mike Tyson, he’s still one of the strongest, most explosive people who ever touched a boxing ring. If anything, I made a mistake going in with him. He’s the bigger guy, he’s the explosive guy. He’s going to have all the first-round fireworks, not me. I do have first-round fireworks, but he’s known for more first-round fireworks than anybody to ever touch boxing, other than maybe George Foreman. With him having the first-round fireworks, he’ll be against a guy smaller than him, maybe 40-50 pounds smaller than him.”