Mystikal Allegedly Forced Victim To Pray W/ Him To Rid ‘Bad Spirits’ Before Raping Her

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Rapper Mystikal allegedly forced his rape victim to pray with him to rid her of all her “bad spirits” before allegedly raping her.

According to All Hip Hop, the victim is claiming that the rapper sexually assaulted her because he thought she had stolen $100 from him. The missing money caused the rapper to become angry which resulted in him beating her, taking her keys and her cell phone and preventing her from leaving the house.

The victim claims Mystikal threw rubbing alcohol on her and forced her to pray with him. According to prosecutors, the rapper tried to rid the woman of any “bad spirits” in her body before raping her. She was eventually able to break free and went to a nearby hospital where she was treated for multiple injuries.

We previously reported that Mystikal pled not guilty to rape charges. His attorney, Joel Pearce, said his client is “innocent of all charges.” Regarding the drug charge, Pearce said, “My client doesn’t even do drugs, so he has absolutely no idea what they were talking about.”

Following the alleged incident, Mystikal is also charged with a single count of domestic abuse, battery by strangulation, simple robbery, possession of heroin, illegal possession of Xanax, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to two indictments against him, the outlet reports. After police searched his home, he was hit with the two additional indictments on the same day. 

Mystikal is facing a mandatory life sentence if he is convicted of the rape charge. He is currently being held without bond in the Ascension Parish Jail.