Nelly’s Recent Show Goes Viral; Fans Debate Why Stadium Was Almost Empty

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Nelly has gone viral on social media after fans debate one of his recent performances.

Shared by Hollywood Unlocked, the video of Nelly performing at a stadium nearly empty is sparking up some conversation. While fans debate on if the venue was empty or if Nelly was simply doing a sound check, rapper The Game came to his defense.

“Nothing to see here. He got paid probably 60-100K to perform even if it was only one person there” comments The Game. “Sometimes promoters drop the ball on promoting shows so it’s not on bruh. Enjoy ya Sunday..”

“I hate when people try to embarrass people. That clearly looks like a sound check to me..” commented one fan. “At first it looked like sound check, then I seen the people, be that as it may, he’s a professional, doesn’t matter if the promoter promoted it right or not, that’s not @nelly job, but even if only 1 person showed up, you are suppose to do your job! Good shit Nelz!” commented Kid Capri.

Nelly has yet to respond to the viral video.

During a previous interview Nelly opened up about how hard it was to be a new artist during his time. “Country Grammar was 5 million and I didn’t even get nominated as a Best New Artist because my album came out in 2000,” Nelly told The Shop. “So I wasn’t even on the ballot in 2001. The great, talented, well-deserving Alicia Keys won, and she should’ve won in 2001.

“You gotta understand, my era of music was the toughest era in hip-hop ever!” he continued. “When I put out songs, I had to go against DMX, Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Ludacris. All of us are fighting for one spot. So from ’99 to 2008, 2010, it was the hardest era ever.”