Nick Cannon Opens Up About Mariah Carey’s Support: ‘Probably Wouldn’t Be Alive Without Her’

Nick Cannon opens up about Mariah Carey’s support through his battle with lupus.

During a recent interview on The Diary Of A CEO podcast, Nick expresses, “She was my rock,” Cannon told podcast host Steven Bartlett. “She went hard. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for how hard she went with the doctors, with me, my stubbornness.”

Nick says Carey was the “perfect helpmate, the perfect matriarch, the perfect mom, the perfect wife in those scenarios.” The media mogul says although Mariah is widely known and a global superstar, she was still, “loving enough to take on all of my stuff.” 

He continued, “It probably took a toll on us just because of the person I was in my head and the struggles that I was dealing with,” Cannon explained. “But it definitely brought us closer together.”

Together Nick and Mariah share two children, twins Moroccan and Monroe Cannon. The two were married to from 2008 to 2016.