No Redemption: Justin Timberlake & Janet Jackson Won’t Be Linking Up Anytime Soon [PHOTO]

Janet Jackson Justin Timberlake during Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show
(Photo Credit: KMazur/Getty Images)

It looks like fans will not be receiving the redemption they had hoped for this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. 

Janet Jackson went onto Instagram this morning and revealed that she will not be surprising fans by performing alongside Justin Timberlake 14 years after “Nipplegate” took over the world. 

Timberlake’s reaction following the controversial performance had many believing allowed Jackson to receive  most of the blame while she suffered through extreme backlash from the NFL, corporations and others.  

An article from USA Today chronicles some of the mystery still behind the performance. 

We won’t see the two together perform at the 50 yard line together. Instead reports say that Timberlake is planning a Prince hologram and tribute in the legendary singer’s home state. 

See Jackson’s announcement. 

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