Pharrell Williams Opens Up About Becoming Louis Vuitton Men’s Creative Director

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Pharrell Williams has revealed his first collection as Louis Vuitton Men’s creative director today (June 20) at the iconic Pont Neuf in Paris as part of Men’s Fashion Week.

On Monday (June 19), Women’s Wear Daily published an interview with Pharrell, where he spoke about his new role at French fashion house. “It’s crazy because you can see a photo of myself with [Kanye West] and Virgil wearing the sunglasses, so it’s like all of this serendipitous connection,” the record producer said. “Every day, I gotta pinch myself because it’s an appointment, and I was chosen. [Louis Vuitton Chairman and CEO Pietro Beccari] saw something, and I’m touched by that and I honor that every day.”

He continued, “What would you do? Right? Like, you know, you get to come in here with the world’s greatest house — dare I say, unlimited resources. I hardly ever hear ‘no,’ and when I do, it’s always for a real constructive reason, and then I’m given an opportunity to do something even bigger, even greater. This has been nothing but a gift.” Back in February is when the brand announced that it had welcomed the “Happy” hitmaker as the new men’s creative director, a position perviously held by the late Virgil Abloh.

Fans can watch a livestream of the Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show below: