Pras Breaks Down WHY A Fugees Reunion Will ‘Never’ Happen & Discusses Rumors On Lauryn Hill’s Lyrics [VIDEO]

Pras on Hot 97 Ebro in the Morning

Will the Fugees ever reunite for one more run?

That question is finally answered directly as Pras visits Ebro in the Morning.

During the conversation he revealed why they won’t get back together, what went down behind the scenes, and a secret offer that was the last straw. They were offered $90 million to tour for 15 months. When he asked both Wyclef and Lauryn Hill they both answered “I don’t know.” That’s when he knew that it was over forever.

He is also very candid on rumors surrounding Lauryn Hill writing her own lyrics, and the lawsuit and claims about her not giving others credit on some of her biggest hits.

Pras also has some things going on himself! With new business opportunities he announces throughout the show.

Watch the full conversation below.