Quavo Shuts Down Claims Over Stolen ‘Walk It Talk It’ Song

Quavo wearing multiple colors

(Photo by Prince Williams/GettyImages)

Quavo is here to set the record straight! Since the release of the group’s single “Walk It Talk It”, they have been faced with a lawsuit by M.O.S who claimed that Migos took the hit from him. The trio has denied these claims on numerous occasions. Quavo recently spoke on this matter again saying “I don’t even think that the lawsuit hit my table.”

In 2008, M.O.S released his single called “Walk It Talk It” that was released on his mixtape called It’s Like A Movie. M.O.S had filed a copyright claim for the phrase and song as a request that the ATL trio to stop performing it.

Quavo also explained that the phrase is considered to be Atlanta slang and gives credit to his grandfather and uncles for introducing him to the saying.