R. Kelly Chicago Trial Update + Lawyer Denies Singer Has Baby OTW With Joycelyn Savage  

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Robert Kelly’s legal team responded to the story that the singer has a baby on the way. 

R. Kelly’s alleged fiancée/victim, Joycelyn Savage, 26, revealed she’s expecting the 56-year-old singer’s baby. Kelly’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean denied it in a statement to E News. If Joycelyn is pregnant, it’s not with R. Kelly, according to the report

Joycelyn released an 11-page book titled Love and Joy of Robert on Amazon on Friday (August 12). She showed fans an image of a sonogram in the book and said she’s several months pregnant. Joycelyn claims she got pregnant after they got engaged. 

“Months later, I began expecting severe morning sickness and was unsure what was wrong with my body. I thought I had contracted COVID-19, but the most amazing news of all was that I was expecting.” Joycelyn continued, 

“It was a happy day but an incomplete time in my life. Today I am grateful to God for giving me the most precious gift. Robert is extremely excited about the news that I am having a baby and feels sad that Robert will not be able to be here with us.”

Joycelyn hopes for R. Kelly to be released and “prepare for new beginnings.” Part two of her book will reportedly come out next year. 

R. Kelly’s federal Chicago trial is underway. It stems from his 2019 indictment of his “infamous” sex video with a teenage girl, and he is charged with obstruction of justice and pornography. It’s alleged R. Kelly rigged his Cook County trial years ago by paying the young female victim off. 

The jury has been selected, Chicago Tribune reports. Jurors went through “12 hours of questioning over two days that centered on potential biases over the onslaught of media coverage in the case.” U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber questioned over 100 potential jurors. His questions focused on what they’ve seen or heard about R. Kelly, like the Lifetime Surviving R. Kelly documentary. Opening statements will take place on August 17 at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse. 

In Kelly’s New York trial, he was sentenced to 30 years at the end of June. NPR reports the jury found that the government proved the singer was the head of a criminal conspiracy to recruit and coerce girls, boys, and women into sex.

R. Kelly was another sex trial in Minnesota, we’ll keep you updated on all the cases.