Rap Group Travis Porter Says The Migos Broke Up ‘Over A Woman’

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Rap group Travis Porter says The Migos broke up over a woman.

During a recent interview, the group was asked how they felt about the ‘Bad and Boujie’ supergroup breaking up.

The group responds, “it was over a b**ch.” Fans chimed in in the comments. One fan commented, “man y’all mind y’all business bro fr.. they just being messy cause they was the migos before the migos but ain’t get the fame they deserved..” and another, “…or maybe, just maybe there was shady business being done behind the scenes and he was smart enough to get out of it..”

Now- none of the members have given a real reason for the split, but Quavo and TakeOff does say that group will always be family to each other. While addressing the breakup Quavo says, “I just feel like we want to see our career as a duo,” Quavo said. “Because we came from a loyal family. [We] supposed to stick together. Sometimes when shit don’t work out, it ain’t meant to be.”

“We don’t know all the answers,” Takeoff added. “God know. We pray a lot. We tell [God] whatever aint right, however you supposed to see it fit, you put it back together or however you do it. We pray, so only time will tell. We’re always family, ain’t nothing gone change.”

“We just stand on loyalty. We stand on real-deal loyalty,” Quavo continued. “This aint got nothing to do with no label, no paperwork, no QC, no nothing. This something to do with three brothers. It is what it is. Right now, we gone be the duo ’til time tell.”

Offset has yet to speak out about the split.