Remembering Takeoff: Best Of The Late Rapper

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Fans were shocked early Tuesday morning waking up to the news that rapper, Takeoff, was shot and killed in Houston. The 28 year old rapper leaves behind an extensive catalogue of knowledge, insight and of course bars. Here are some of the best moments of Takeoff on HOT 97.

2021 Summer Jam Performance With Cardi B

The rap group brought out technically two guests during their set at the 2021 Summer Jam. A pregnant Cardi B joined the group to perform their hit Type Shit off of their album Culture III.

Discussing The Origins Of Migos

When the Migos first stepped on the scene, many doubted them. One thing Takeoff never did was allow that to falter him or the direction the group headed towards. Takeoff was the backbone and foundation (literally) of the group.

Learning More About The Rap Group

Once Offset was released from jail, the trio joined HOT 97 once again to sit down with Ebro to discuss the group’s goals and style of rap.

Challenging Rappers To Go Bar For Bar

If it’s one thing Takeoff would do, is slide on a track! The rapper and his uncle, Quavo knew they had talent. The two sat down with HOT 97 to challenge any rapper to go bar for bar. They also discussed the pressures of being the underdogs in the game at the time.

Talking Grammys And Kanye West

The group was on a high in 2018, after being nominated for two Grammys. The trio sat down with Ebro and Laura Stylez to discuss the nomination and some secret tracks they have with some top artists.

Migos And 2Chainz Shut Down 2017 Summer Jam

Takeoff’s presence was always quiet but was easily the loudest in the room. He carried himself with class and always did what was best for Migos. Our prayers go out to friends and family of Takeoff at this time.