Safaree’s Childhood ‘Friend’ That Robbed Him In 2018 Gets 18 Years In Prison

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You can’t call everyone “friend” these days.

The Jasmine Brand reports Safaree Samuels is getting justice for a 2018 robbery.

The Love and Hip Hop star’s childhood friend, Shawn Harewood, was the “mastermind” behind the plan to rob Safaree. Harewood rounded up two people to commit the robbery to avoid being recognized. At the time, Safaree was in the parking lot of his luxury apartment in Fort Lee; two men held Safaree at gunpoint. 

The men put the gun to his head and had him face the floor. The theft led to a high-speed chase across the George Washington Bridge. 

The incident was caught on camera, which helped authorities solve the crime. Harewood was sentenced on November 3 to 18 years in prison. The Jasmine Brand points out Harewood was found guilty of robbery, eluding arrest, and resisting arrest. He was sentenced to 10 years for the eluding and eight for the robbery. 

The article points out he reportedly apologized to the court, and there’s no mention of Safaree. He said, “These moments do not define me, and they’re not reflective of me.”

The other two men, Carl Henry and Tacuma Ashman, dealt with their cases in 2019. Henry pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit theft and received a 364-day sentence. He’s on probation for five years. 

Ashman went to trial and was found guilty of armed robbery. He was sentenced to 30 years. A Bergen County judge said, 

“This was a carefully planned armed robbery over the course of weeks and months, with specific steps taken to execute it.” MSN points out the crooks had a GPS tracker on Safaree’s car, which helped them locate his whereabouts. 

Glad to see Safaree get justice.