Saucy Santana Fires Shots At DJ Akademics In New Diss Record

The feud between Saucy Santana and DJ Akademiks lives on. The rapper has shared a teaser to a new song that disses him.

In the clip, Santana shares a few lyrics that point back to the issue between the two. “You getting punked by a gay dude/ You’re a b*tch tryna blame it on some gay rules.”

Elsewhere in the clip, Santana references Akademiks’ choices to attack multiple women in the industry, which has been a topic of conversation in hip-hop culture recently.

The entire ordeal between the two began last month after Akademiks shared several negative opinions about the City Girls. Santana, who is a close friend of the girl group, defended them on social media with a string of videos posted to his Instagram story, calling out Akademiks.

Akademiks then fired back with a homophobic rant on his live stream.

“Everybody know I’m cool with the LGBT community, but no batty man like Saucy Santana could talk to me,” he began. “I’ll spit in your face, n*gga. Me and you couldn’t have a conversation. You’re a cocksucker. We don’t talk to n*ggas like you.”

He continued, “You need to go get right with God. Go look in that mirror and figure out what the fuck going on with yourself. We ain’t indicting people who are homosexuals, but a n*gga like you, you got a mental illness, my boy. You trying to mix it up with a n*gga like me.”

Santana returned back to his Instagram Stories with a controversial message back to top the one he received.

“After I beat you, I’ma f*ck you in your ass because you’re a b*tch-ass n*gga,” he said. “That’s what we do to you.”

During a live stream on Rumble, Akademiks responded and broke into tears as he explained that he felt Santana took things too far.

“I’m not tryna get canceled to f*ck up what we got going on. I’m never tryna get canceled saying the wrong thing — I know what we got going on, I love it. I’m trying not to get canceled,” he pleaded.“But this sh*t does bother me. Put it like this, with everything we’ve talked about, I’ve never cared about — I don’t care what rapper got at me, bro. Ever. But really, there’s certain shit I really don’t f*ck with in my life that I will never do.”