Sean Kingston Arrested After House Raid for Fraud & Theft

sean kingston
HOLLYWOOD, CA – NOVEMBER 29: Recording artist Sean Kingston performs onstage during the 2015 Hollywood Christmas Parade on November 29, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for The Hollywood Christmas Parade)

Things have taken a turn for the worse for Sean Kingston. Just hours after a SWAT raid on his Florida mansion led to the arrest of his mother, Janice Turner, on fraud and theft charges, Kingston himself was apprehended at a California concert. He was performing at Fort Irwin for U.S. Army personnel when the authorities arrested him, as documented by social media updates and some show clips. Kingston is currently awaiting extradition to Florida, where these charges originated, from a San Bernardino jail. Reacting to his and his mother’s arrests, Kingston posted on his Instagram Story, “People love negative energy! I am good and so is my mother! My lawyers are handling everything as we speak.”

These legal troubles stem from a lawsuit filed earlier this year by Ver Ver Entertainment LLC. The company alleges that Kingston breached his contract and committed fraud when he tried to purchase a large TV and sound system from them. Instead of paying over $100,000 for the equipment, he reportedly promised that he and his “Eenie Meenie” collaborator Justin Bieber would create promotional videos for the company. After making a $30,000 down payment and promising another $47,000 later, Kingston allegedly failed to deliver the promotions once the TV was installed.

Kingston has previously faced accusations of not paying for items. In November 2023, watch company Dream Watch accused him of failing to pay for two luxury watches: a Richard Mille Model RM 65.01 Automatic and a Patek Philippe Calibre. According to the lawsuit, Kingston contacted the company in 2022 to buy the watches, and a representative flew from Malaysia to Los Angeles to deliver them. Kingston allegedly did not have the funds to pay for the watches, despite promising to do so via wire transfer. The lawsuit states, “Sean Kingston represented his initial wire attempt was rejected because it was flagged by his bank due to the large amount being wired overseas… Ultimately, the agreed upon funds [are still missing], and Defendants continue to refuse to render payment as agreed. Defendant Kingston continues to possess the two watches.”