Sean Kingston Released From Jail

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Sean Kingston has been released from jail on a $100k bond.

Kingston and his mother, Janice Turner, were previously arrested following a raid at their Florida home. The mother-son duo are being accused of fraud, grand theft, and identity theft.

In a video obtained by CBS Miami, Kingston is seen walking out of the jail with a white towel on his head. In the video the singer is greeted by his friends and family as he refused to answer any questions. He did however- make it clear that he indeed owns his Maybach, after a reporter asks if it’s rented. ““You can tell by the license plate.”

Kingston’s attorney believes he should not be criminally charged. “Things were being paid back, he had certain obligations he had to meet. He met some of them in the past, and there was no particular deadline for him to meet the rest of the obligations. I see a civil contract that was breached, that wasn’t fulfilled, no criminal intent.”

Kingston was booked into Broward County jail after being accused of committing more than $1 million in fraud alongside his mother.

Turner was also arrested but posted bond a $160,000 bond. According to reports, she’s facing 8 charges including conducting an organized scheme to defraud, grand theft, and identity theft. 

Sean’s lawyer reportedly plans to file a not-guilty plea and request a jury trial.