Senior Prank Gone Wrong: Students Not Allowed To Walk At Graudation Because Of It [VIDEO]

Cation tape.

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Senior prank gone way too far? How extreme is this? Many people outraged at what seemed like a harmless prank- but Sophie B. Wright High School says otherwise. The school is a charter school locaked in New Orleans, Louisana. 

A video went viral on the Internet, showing high school seniors having what seem to be a water fight- using water guns outside of the school. High school officials say the prank went further than what the video shows. The statement mentions that the prank included eggs, vinegar, mustard along side the water balloons and water guns. The prank vandalized the inside and outside of the school.

Was this just harmless fun? The students involved in the prank will not be able to walk for their graduation, they can not attend their senior prom AND they were suspended for five days. The school officials suggest the students may also face criminal charges. One student and teacher were reportedly hurt.

“The incident on April 5 caused injury to at least one teacher and one student. Additionally, school property was sprayed with water and a restroom was compromised. Both personal injury and effects on property are currently under investigation. It is possible that damage caused by these students will result in criminal and civil actions.”

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