Social Media Slams Yung Miami After She Says She Wants To Be The ‘Black Oprah’

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Yung Miami is making headlines…again.

During a recent interview, The City Girl says she aspires to become the next ‘Black Oprah.’ The snippet of the interview went viral as social media slammed Miami because well…Oprah herself, is in fact Black.

Miami says, “I want to take it to the next level,” she shared referring to the success of her podcast, Caresha Please. “I’m dreaming big. I want to go to the highest of the highest. I want to be the Black Oprah.”

“People just loving to hear me talk, you know? Whenever I talk or whenever I go on [Instagram] Live, it go viral,” she said, while explaining how Caresha Please came together.

“One day I was talking with Diddy and he was like, ‘Yeah, [you] should do a podcast. It would be good for you,’ and that’s how it came out. It was just a conversation of me just always going viral off the way I talk and the engagement that I used to get off of Instagram Live.”

Social media had a field day with Miami’s comments. Take a look at some reactions below.