Spice Tackles Bleaching Rumors & Makes A Statement w/ ‘Black Hypocrisy’ [VIDEO]

Spice still from Black Hypocrisy (Official Music Video)

Spice shocked the hip hop and reggae world yesterday when a lighter skinned version of herself with what looked like bleached skin turned up on social media.

The artist did an interview explaining why she decided to turn her skin a lighter shade, and it had tons of people talking.

Today (Oct 23), we learned that it was all to make a very important statement in the black community as she addresses the topic of colorism in the video for her latest single “Black Hypocrisy.”

It begins as the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star addresses a room full of young women, telling them “I had a dream that one day black women will start supporting each other rather than bashing each other” before later showing a lighter shade of herself as she addresses how lighter skinned women are seen as smarter, prettier, and more successful in her own community and socially across the globe.

Watch the video below. How do you feel about it?