SZA Reveals She Thought Drake ‘Sabotaged’ Her Vocals On Single Together

SZA is opening up about her unexpected feature with Drake on his newest album, For All The Dogs. The singer explained that she was not too fond of him using the first draft of her voclas for the final version of the song Slime You Out.

SZA was recently featured on the Wall Street Journal’s November cover. In her conversation with the outlet, she went over the process of recording a song with the Grammy-winning rapper.

“I just handed in the first draft to Drake, and he’s putting it on his album,” she recalled. “I’m scared because I handed in [the] second vocals, and he didn’t use that. And now I’m like, ‘Are you trying to sabotage me?’ I know that’s not true,” she revealed. “I literally know that’s not true, but that’s how bad I feel about my first draft. When things come from an effortless space, I almost can’t enjoy it.”

Slime You Out was released before the album dropped and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Elsewhere in the interview, she talked about another unexpected collab, this time between her and Justin Bieber. The Journals singer appeared in the music video for her single Snooze and the two also recorded an acoustic version of the song, both of which were not a part of the plan until well after the album, SOS, dropped.

“Justin wasn’t even in the video until the video was already being shot. Him and Hailey [Bieber] were randomly the first people to hit me on FaceTime after SOS dropped,” she recalled. SZA said that he was a breeze to work with. “‘[Bieber] showed up and he was down as f*** for the whole day, and didn’t trip about nothing.”