T.I Addresses Snitching Allegations & Clears His Name!

Recording artist T.I attends the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 20
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/GettyImages)

T.I got wind of some things that people online were saying about him and wanted to address it.

The Atlanta rapper heard that people were calling him a “snitch.” This is an accusation T.I has been dealing with for years, and he wanted to put the rumors to rest. 

The conversation sparked up again after an episode of Crime Stoppers resurfaced. In the commercial, T.I is promoting people to use crime stoppers and report crimes. T.I said he only did the drop because it was requested by the court. Back in 2007, T.I was arrested on a gun charge and served one year behind bars. Ever since this, people like Wack 10 accused the rapper of snitching to get a lighter sentence.

Take a look at the Crime Stoppers video:

In a video, T.I went OFF! He claims he has paperwork that proves he never snitched!

“Fuck you and ya life, n*gga. If you see a snitch, n*gga, slap him when you see them. Knock his nose off,” Tip said. “Next time I’m out, instead of asking for a picture, like a little hoe ass n*gga. N*gga come on knock my nose out if you think I’m a snitch, n*gga. N*gga quit smiling in my face trying to get in my motherfucking section.”

Take a look: