Takeoff’s Mom Sues Venue Where Rapper Was Shot And Killed

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Seven months after the death of Migos’ member Takeoff, his mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the owners of the venue where he was shot and killed.

On Thursday (June 8), Rolling Stone obtained the documents that Titania Davenport filed in a Harris County, Texas district court on Wednesday (June 7) against the property owners and assorted LLCs associated with Houston’s 810 Billiards & Bowling. She alleged that the defendants failed to provide proper security on the night of the Atlanta native’s death. Davenport also stated that the property was rented out by a well-known music personality, and the after-hours event featured popular athletes, artists, and public figures.

“Despite these facts, defendants provided no screening mechanisms, no after-hour controls or security measures, and no enforcement of rules or industry standards to deter crime against their invitees, to include [Takeoff],” the lawsuit alleges. “In fact, social media posting in advance of the party made it clear that not only basic security measures needed to be followed, but advance planning and consideration should have been taken into account, which defendants were negligent in failing to do.”

The lawsuit continues, “Defendants knew or should have known that a significant number of violent crimes were committed at the subject premises and in the surrounding area, but negligently failed to protect invitees like [Takeoff] from the risks of violent crime.” According to the publication, Davenport seeks all “compensatory, special, economic, consequential, general, punitive, and all other damages permissible under Texas law” for pain, suffering, and the wrongful death of Takeoff.

On May 25, the accused suspect in the rapper’s death, Patrick Xavier Clark, was indicted on a murder charge by a Texas grand jury.