Tay Keith Addresses Backlash Over Sexyy Red Collaboration

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Sexyy Red experienced a significant surge in popularity in 2023, transitioning from relative obscurity to becoming one of hip-hop’s prominent figures.

Among her key collaborators is producer Tay Keith, instrumental in shaping her breakthrough track.

Together, they crafted “Pound Town,” which gained traction especially after Nicki Minaj joined for the remix “Pound Town 2.”

Another successful collaboration was on the infectious summer anthem and TikTok sensation, “Skee Yee.” However, Tay Keith disclosed in a recent Billboard interview that his decision to work with Red faced considerable backlash.

“People were trolling the sh*t out of me. They were real-deal trolling me. It wasn’t much good feedback. It was coming from even people around me, ‘What you doing?’ I saw the potential. That’s as simple as it was, me believing in her,” Tay Keith candidly shared in the interview. He further explained, “I think people doubted me working with her because they didn’t see the reason to do it. I definitely seen the potential. I tell people all the time how long I was watching Sexyy Red’s music before she blew up.”

Tay Keith disclosed that he had been following Sexyy Red’s videos on YouTube for quite some time before their eventual collaboration. Their partnership continued with Red’s first single of 2024, “Get It Sexyy,” which has shown remarkable promise. The track made a strong debut, reaching the top 20 of the Hot 100 charts and has since maintained a solid presence in the top 30 for months after its release.

Despite the initial skepticism and trolling, Tay Keith’s belief in Sexyy Red’s talent has proven to be well-founded. The success of “Get It Sexyy” underscores the producer’s foresight and highlights Red’s growing influence in the hip-hop scene. This collaboration not only reflects Tay Keith’s willingness to support emerging artists but also showcases Red’s evolving artistry and appeal.