Taylor Swift Sparks Pregnancy Rumors Following Viral Video

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Fans are speculating that Taylor Swift may have a bun in the oven.

Following a recent performance, social media users speculate that T. Swift just may be expecting her first child. “Taylor Swift is definitely pregnant..” commented one fan. “Is Taylor Swift pregnant?” questioned another.

On the other hand many Swifties say the singer just may have been slightly “bloated” in that moment. “WHY am I seeing people speculating that taylor swift is pregnant because her stomach was protruding out SLIGHTLY more than what people are used to?? when are we going to stop commenting on women’s bodies it’s SO disgusting…even if she IS pregnant…these comments are NOT needed..” commented on fan.

“Btw to anyone saying Taylor swift looks pregnant bc poor girl is probably bloated or on her period or something: THAT IS WHAT MY STOMACH LOOKS LIKE ON A GOOD DAY. Sometimes women have stomachs and it doesn’t not mean they’re pregnant” reads another comment.

Taylor has yet to address the rumor.

Aside from her personal business, Swift is currently on the European leg of her which will run throughout the summer.

“I’ve just never seen a crowd like this in my life,” Swift said of performing in Lisbon, Portuga. “There have been moments in this show already where I, like, forget what I’m supposed to do next or what I’m supposed to say. Because I’m just so distracted by how much fun you’re having and how you’re performing in the audience. I love this.”

She added: “You’re just so in the moment and I cannot tell you how special that is for us as performers to get to look out and make eye contact with you and connect with you in this way.”