Travis Kelce Admits He Did Not Invent The Fade Haircut: ‘That’s Absolutely Ridiculous’

Travis Kelce reacts to the New York Times naming his haircut theTravis Kelce Cut’.

Kelce famously rocks a fade haircut, which undeniably was not invented or created by him. The NYT caught a lot of backlash for dubbing the already popular haircut, the “TKC.”

During a press confernece for The Super Bowl, Kelce was asked about a variety of topics. Aside from football, journalist asked about his relationship with Taylor Swift, as well as his haircut. “I didn’t invent that, I just asked for it” Kelce says. “That’s absoultely ridiculous” he also exclaims.

Shannon Sharpe also chimed in on the fade talk. “New York Times, so that’s how you start Black History [Month]?” said Sharpe. “I’m trying to figure out what black barbershop you go in and say, ‘Let me get the Travis Kelce.’”