The Boycott Continues: T.I. Checks Man Wearing Gucci [VIDEO]


T.I. is not playing around with his boycott.

The rapper stepped up on a man who seemed to be wearing Gucci.

“Look at me, I’m fly as a muthafucka and I ain’t got that shit on,” he said. “I look better than you as a matter of fact.”

After T.I.’s initial comments, the rapper responded by stating the fact that before the boycott the Atlanta native wore Gucci.

“Yeah, they showed me their disrespect and guess what, I can’t do it no more,” he replied.

T.I. has been very outspoke on the clothing company following the release of a sweater that had the qualities of a person in blackface.

Gucci launched Gucci changemakers in which they will donate $5 million for a scholarship program in hopes its initive can bring more diversity to its brand.

Watch the video below.