The Game Seemingly Responds To Claims He Allegedly Scammed Rappers Out Of Money!

The Game
Photo credit – VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

The Game is addressing some comments that were made about him.

According to The Foo Community’s IG page, The Game is allegedly hitting up aspiring rapper’s accounts and offering them a spot on his SoundCloud mixtapes, in exchange for $500-$1000. 

The artists allegedly don’t get exposure on The Game’s verified account. Instead, they’re put on a different account with less followers. The post made on the IG account also claims The Game doesn’t promote the mixtape on his social media or makes any appearances on the songs. 

Upcoming rappers are upset because they are made to believe The Game will work with them but that never happens. The post says, 

“Rappers are angry because the game tells them he will work with them on a song but claim that it’s all cap so you can purchase a slot on one of his tapes. They’re upset because he gives them a false sense of hope that maybe one day they can collab together.”

Alleged victims of The Game believe he’s scamming artists because he has a $7.1 million judgment to former She Got Game contestant Priscilla Rainey. 

The Game didn’t address the situation head-on, he wrote a message in his IG story that alluded to the accusation. The Game shared messages from artists that got featured in his mixtape. It says, “Shout out to @losangelesconfidential for putting my song on the tape,” while another says, “Shout out to @losangelesconfidential for putting me on the mixtape a true honor.” Take a look at a screenshot.