The Scoop On Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged ‘Yacht Companion’ … Is He Lying?

Carmelo Anthony wears a leather hat

Photo credit – Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony was in some heat this week!

Paps captured photos of him on a yacht with a mystery woman and were quick to call him out for cheating. 

In an attempt to clear his name, Carmelo posted a video addressing the situation. He claims nothing sexual happened, the woman is married, he was on a business trip and her husband was there. He denied cheating on his wife La La.

Daily Mail reports that the woman who was seen in a thong bathing suit with Carmelo is believed to be model and actress Sara Smiri, who is not married. She’s known to run in celebrity circles according to the report.

The article says Smiri is of Swedish and Moroccan heritage. Unfortunately, she made her Instagram account private overnight amid the speculation. 

She reportedly met Carmelo while in Paris, France during Fashion Week. 

Sites initially thought the mystery woman was Carmelo’s alleged baby mama, 24-year-old Mia Angel Burks, but we quickly learned it wasn’t.

La La post and deleted this message a day after the news.

See pictures of the woman who is believed to have been on the yacht with Carmelo Anthony: