Trademark Denies Cardi B. From Cashing In On Her Catchphrase ‘Okurrr’

Cardi B attends 2019 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel 

Photo credit – Leon Bennett/WireImage/GettyImages

Well damn!

Officials claim Cardi B.’s saying, “okurrr” isn’t special enough to get trademarked. 

The Blast reports, “U.S. Patent and Trademark officials explained that Cardi‘s slogan falls under the category of ‘widely-used commonplace expressions,’ and did not fit the bill to deserve a trademark.”

In addition, the slogan “doesn’t function as a trademark or service mark to indicate the source of applicant’s goods and/or services, and that it does not distinguish itself from other similar marks.”

The Kardashian’s have also been associated with the phrase, which is why they consider it a common expression. 

In addition, “fans” already beat Cardi to the punch and filed similar trademark applications before she filed her own in March. 

Looks like Cardi will have to find something else to trademark or maybe she’ll come up with a new catchphrase.